Protecting your wealth

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Should the unthinkable happen, you can always replace possessions but you can never replace you.

It’s good to know that whatever life is going to throw at you, you can keep the rest of the pieces together. And that’s where professional financial advice can help.

Personal insurance can help protect you, your income and your family from the financial impact of death, sickness or injury. Personal insurance includes the following types of cover:

  • Life insurance, which provides a lump sum payment to your beneficiary if you were to die or become terminally ill.
  • Total and permanent disability cover, which provides a lump sum payment if you are unable to work due to a permanent disability.
  • Trauma cover, which pays you a lump sum benefit if you suffer a serious illness or injury.
  • Income protection, which pays you a regular monthly benefit if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Contact us to discuss how you can protect your wealth through the use of personal or business insurance.